Synthetic Motor Oil-A Wise Choice for Car Owners

Caring for your car can be quite expensive and time consuming! Whether you’re the do-it-yourselfer for your car maintenance or you take it to a shop, I’ve got some great news that will save you time and money as well as getting a longer life out of your engine and increase your fuel economy!

 Synthetic motor oil was developed in 1969 and over the years, it was reformulated to the point where many auto manufacturers began using it as factory-fill in many production vehicles.

 Where we have been in the habit of changing our oil every 3 months or 3,000 miles, some vehicle manufacturers state that oil changes can be extended to intervals of up to 10,000 miles or more when using synthetic motor oil.

Synthetic motor oil studies find that these products have:

  • Improved mechanical friction reduction, increasing engine life and fuel economy.
  • Much better low and high temperature viscosity stability.
  • Enhanced chemical & shear stability
  • Greater resistance to oxidation, thermal breakdown and oil sludge formation.
  • Increased oil change intervals and less waste oil.
  • Quicker lubrication on cold starts which greatly reduces engine wear!

Personally, I run synthetic engine oil in all of my vehicles, from my older cars to my later model vehicles. I have found that the engine performance is far superior having run the synthetics. In fact, one friend of mine racked up over 450,000 miles on his construction truck, running synthetics from day one. When he sold the truck with 450,000 miles, the original engine was still running strong!

While synthetic engine oils are typicallly 2-3 times more expensive than the typical mineral based engine oils, being able to increase your oil change intervals and all of the other benefits that come with it, far outweigh using a conventional engine oil.

Synthetic oils reduces our demand on crude oil as well as our reliance on foreign oil producers.

In my book, synthetic engine oil is a great value for your budget, your vehicle, your time and the environment. An automotive maintenance grand slam!

Cary Lockwood of is an automotive consumer advocate,  Big Three engineering veteran and host of the “Calling All Cars” radio show heard in Phoenix on KXXT 1010 AM and KXEG 1280 AM. Cary serves on the Better Business Bureau’s Auto Repair Advisory Committee and has over 30 years in the auto industry. Ask Cary your automotive questions at


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