I don’t think your car will have an oppurtunity to drive through the pearly gates when it finally utters it’s last exhaust note but there are many items of value to have with you in case it attempts an early trip to the barb wire gated junk yard before your ready to let it go.

  Way before Nicholson and Freeman were in the movie about life goals before check out time,I’ve used a bucket full of stuff i keep in my car in case it attempts early vehicular suicide.

  Feel free to post this column on your refridgerator to help you fill up your own breakdown bucket.

 Normally , these articles are copywrited ,but since my editor is on vacation ,go ahead and copy the check list if it will help your friends and family. If someone mentions some kind of copywritten automotive guru protected work,tell them you have a permit. (use A.R.S.- B.L.2 cause that sounds real official)

  • well seasoned large bucket (mine has a handle and a history)                                          
  • Cell phone and car charger
  •  A towing service number in your wallet/phone
  •  jumper cables
  •  flashlight/fresh batteries
  •  a large bottle of drinking water   Warm water is still better than nothing.
  •  work gloves
  •  sunscreen
  •  sunglasses
  •  blanket/tarp
  •  small vehicle safety kit
  •  a can of fix a flat
  •  The complete jack/tire changing tools
  •  The lug lock key
  •  A windshield sun shade
  •  a sun shading hat

 Don’t forget to have an aired up spare tire that is easy to get to and not older than 7 years.

  Even if you only have to wait a short time for a tow truck,a half hour without some of these items can be pretty brutal.

  If you do happen to have an un-scheduled break down,(most seem to fit into that catagory) you’ll be so prepared that your deodorant won’t even work overtime.

  Two words that have always stayed with me since my boy scout days,be prepared ,will ultimately make a breakdown easier to cope with.

  Happy motoring !


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