Are we weapons of mass destruction?

September 30, 2009


All kidding aside, these two ton transportation traveling machines are killers on the highways and byways. Just ask the guy that plowed down 7 elk and walked away without a scratch! It’s too bad that he just sent these beautiful creatures to elk heaven! It certainly was an ugly mess.

However, most folks believe that the government is there to protect us and keep us free from harm so when we harm others or ourselves when getting in to accidents, our government wants to further regulate us. That being the case, we now have seat belt laws and certainly the city of Chandler AZ thought long and hard about this before sending out their posse to ticket those in their city who drove without being buckled up. The posse also took the time to check on your youngsters in the back seat to make sure that they were properly restrained in their car seats.

Now, another issue is looming and legislation is forthcoming. To text or not to text while driving. A recent survey shows that 80 to 90% of American drivers want texting while driving banned. The other 10 to 20% that does not want texting banned was too high on drugs or alcohol to respond in understandable terms, or were they? Maybe that group understands that it is a further encroachment on our rights so that we are free to travel without the eye of Big Brother constantly monitoring us.

I recently posed this question on the internet and received mixed feedback, but I already had taken a position in this looming legislation. When have we become so mindless regarding our own safety that we would stand to be distracted while driving? Some people are so oblivious to the safety of others that they would not consider the act of texting as a distraction that could kill or injure others? Are we so hooked on the necessity of constant communication that we forget how our actions can and do harm others?

There should be no need for legislation to ban texting or cell phone use while driving! We just need to be responsible for our actions and act accordingly! Believe it or not, we once got along without these electronic devices and actually paid attention to our duties of being a safe and responsible driver. When we become oblivious to our responsibilities, the government will deal with it by passing more legislation that will take away more of our freedom. Think about it!

Cary Lockwood of is an automotive consumer advocate and the host of Your Auto Network’s Calling All Cars radio show on KXXT 1010 AM Phoenix and KXEG 1280 AM Phoenix. Cary is also on the Better Business Bureau’s Auto Repair Advisory Committee. Cary has over 30 years in the auto industry as an engineering technician at G.M. as well as being an auto repair shop owner for 10 years. You can download the radio show by going to You can also post your automotive questions through the contact page of the website.